3″ (ND80) TANKFLY™ – Clamped Butterfly Valve – 1112620000D or TPS8 (NEW version)

The 3” TANKFLY™ clamped butterfly valve is designed to be clamped between 2 flanges or directly onto the pipe work. This valve is most commonly fitted behind the footvalve in a 3-closure bottom discharge type NEATCO™ or NEATFLOW™ . It can also be fitted as top discharge on top of a tank.

New 3″ clamped Tankfly butterfly valve with splined shaft.

This valve has many advantages such as a better locking mechanism, a better torque transmission, a better butterfly plate rotation due to less free play. The consumable parts do not change with regards to current version and as the cherry on top you can easily upgrade your current tankfly to the new generation. Discover in the maintenance sheet below which kits are requested for the upgrade.