3″/2″ (ND80/50) or 3″/3″ (ND80/80) – Bottom Discharge – CHIM™

The Perolo 3”-2” or 3″-3″ lengthened CHIM™ 90° bottom discharge is designed to discharge liquid chemicals and foodstuffs stocked in IBC’s or static tanks. The CHIM bottom discharges consists of a CHIM footvalve, a 2nd closure valve and an outlet nozzle. Various customization options are possible for the 2nd closure valve (ball valve or butterfly valve) and for the outlet (BSP, NPT, Nozzle or Blind flange, Camlock,…). The Footvalve tube length can be adapted to customer’s needs and a sampling point is available on request. The opening mechanism is pull to open and kick to close to guarantee the operator’s safety.